New eyes: loving where you live

I recently found my love for photography again, and I have since began trying to see Austin Tejas, this beautiful city I call home, With new eyes, through the lens of a camera.

Because I also love candid type portraits or pics, and my favorite trusty lens is a 35mm (this means I need to be very close), I’m learning to “kindly” invade people’s personal space 😬…seems easier to do outside good ‘ol US of A. Come to think of it thoug, It actually isn’t bad in Austin. I tend to have lots of people gladly welcome me into their space or even voluntarily call me out to take their picture, especially among the night life crowd. A fun, interesting city for sure, with plenty of opportunities to love people and share/do life with them with positive impact.

I’m loving Austin more everyday…and not like we need anymore people, but if you haven’t been, what are you waiting for?

What’s your city like, and how you loving it?

Well, here are a few of my favorites so far. Enjoy, and check out for a few more, and more to come.

**btw…forgive me, haven’t figured out alignment for pics on here yet…the gallery just doesn’t come out as created**












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