She danced his head off


Got to read a lil bit about John the Baptist today – we’l call him JTB for short. Ever read about some of his final days of life?

Well, let me break it down for you.

JTB was bold and faithful to the point of sharing the truth that it was unlawful for King Herod to marry his brother’s wife – we’l call her RoRo. And so RoRo hated JTB and wanted him dead for calling them out. However, Herod liked JTB, liked listening to him, even feared the spirit in him, and so protected him – by putting him in prison. What? Doesn’t seem like much of any real protection if you ask me, but thats whats he did.
Well, RoRo had a daughter, and one festive day she danced her way to the King’s heart and got him to grant her any wish she desired, sealing it with a Kings oath. And just like that RoRo got her wish – the head of JTB on a platter.
Herod was sad about this, but he had given an oath in front of all his guests, and sadly, even for a king, we see FEAR OF MAN is a real joy killer and task master.
Another interesting point in all this though, is…Life in general is not fair; its the nature of the broken world we live in, but even more so, as speakers of truth/followers of Jesus, we will be unjustly treated in ways that bring about some type of suffering; physical, emotional, financial, other, just like JTB, even up to death, ’cause he lived the truth…and a girl danced well.

It is in these times we ever more so want to hold fast to the hope we have in Jesus, and verses like 1 Peter 4:13 -19 that encourages you to rejoice ’cause joy is yours when His glory is revealed, and the Spirit of God especially rests on you.
Anything interesting stand out to you in the story?


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