Outdated command…or is it?

The #2 commandment, you know, from the 10 that were given to Charlton Heston, I mean Moses. 

Does this even apply to us today?

I haven’t recently thought about God and carved, or made something to represent or capture who he is,  so how does this apply?

God wants us to take him as he is, as he reveals himself in scripture, not as we IMAGINE him to be. All of scripture reveals all of who God is, and he wants us to know ALL of who he is, as he is. 

There will be things we like

things we love, and 

things we don’t understand, or even things we don’t like. 

To leave any bit out, or change to make more palatable, is to lose aspects of God, and what we have left is a carved image. God is jealous for you to know ALL of him.

Our imagined but just as real carvings of who God is, at best, is a “futile, bastardized version that merely gratifies our desire to #worship as we please” and hides more of God than it reveals.

Our carved images hide more of God than they reveal.

It is not a bad thing to want an image, it’s about having the correct image. 

Jesus is THE fully revealed image of God to us, and the fulfillment of this #2 commandment. In Jesus we get to know ALL of God, and can worship him as he is, and as he has revealed.

God is Jealous for all of you, and just as jealous to give you all of himself. 

Sunday #edumacation and #revelation



  1. Relating to God · May 2, 2016

    People do have to be very careful not to take that revealed sent one’s image of God as their god. We also should not have images of him or any other set apart or holy person. At no time may we bow down in front of any graven image or any picture of a person and naturally may we not use any picture of God.


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