About ME

Hi, I am AJ, a dude and easy on the eyes ­čÖé

I LOVE Jesus (why? Please ask, and I will happily share more), although I don’t always represent that well, nonetheless, I will continue to gracefully take steps to reflect how that should really look. I have a big desire to be obedient to a command to share truth, hope, love, mercy, joy, life, and so much more.

I love travel, and the peoples and cultures I get to experience and “do-life-with”, while doing it. ┬áThis is my adventure…to continue to step out in obedience and trust, even as it gets harder as I get older, with cultural norms telling me to play it safe’r.

Come adventure with me, striving to be obedient to who he has called us to be, with an understanding that we are most satisfied and fulfilled in this life, when He(God) is most glorified.


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