#metoo, #ihave, #Hehas

A post I shared some time ago; just re-read and i’m encouraged with renewed hope, figured i’d share on here as well.


To all that are a #metoo, I know there is probably a lot of this going around now, but I AM SORRY. My heart aches this am, because I am part of the problem, and #Ihave. The grace and often unheard truth in all this though is, it doesn’t end there. There is a person who understands both #metoo and #ihave, and he has redeemed both, with life, joy, and freedom.

This person is #Jesus and he has paid a HEFTY price that undeservingly redeemed the brokenness in me that would have me seek out comfort and satisfaction in actions, thoughts, and words outside of life found in him, some of which have, in turn, caused you pain and hurt. He has also done the same for you to bring you to #freedom in him; Freedom that pulls life out of the hurt.

So, as important as acknowledgment and awareness are, let us see that even more, #Hehas redeemed it all and he beckons you, and me, and everyone to experience the life and freedom that comes with what he has done. #freedom #hope #redeemed #restore


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