Validation & Approval: 2 sides of a masterful coin

Speaking to my co-worker, he shares details on how he is known to occasionally wake in middle of night to run script and get updates on tracked progress of his individual goals. He points reason to how this “validates” his worth, and let’s him know he is approved.

Google or Bing validation and approval, and there are a ton of research and articles that talk about how most of us are somehow affected, and even more, how a need for them is instilled in us from a young age.

Thinking of validation and approval even as I write this, and maybe even deep down, the validation I seek from putting these thoughts to paper or the approval I look to get from it, a few words come to mind: to be found legitimate and authentic = validation; and to be accepted and agreed with = approval.

I clearly see the hold and whirlwind of emotion and insecurity that takes place when I seek validation and approval from my work, my relationships, my environment, even my family. It truly is a masterful coin that enslaves. 

…but then I am reminded of the Gospel of Christ and the price paid, and as such the free gift of God’s approval and even more, his validation. He reminds me I’m legitimate, I’m authentic, I’m accepted, and he’s pleased with me (regardless of my past) – he agrees with me.

This is the narrative and gift of Jesus’ sacrifice for me and you. In Christ, this is your story.

Our response? Let’s fight to value God’s coin of approval and validation more than anything else, and let it free us up to live life without restraints, condemnation, and fleeting happiness.


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