On the Road again…

It’s been some time since I wrote one of these, but as I write and reflect, I’m once again excited about sharing with you, and having you join me on this opportunity to be going on mission.

From arthurpeters.theworldrace.org

You see, for me, going on a missions trip is one where our Father God takes me hand in hand, despite my failures and insecurities, and teaches me new things about himself with immense clarity. He shows me a little more of His mercy when I see how He restores and adds more of us to the family. He displays more of His power when He lets me see Him heal sickness or subdue violent powers that would otherwise overpower us without Him. He reveals more of His love and mission when He lets me engage with a radical and almost envious joy and hope that speak to the very core and longing of my being. In this He shows me that He wants MORE for me than I can ever want for myself.

For many of you, it has been some time since you last heard from me, and for that, I am sorry this is how I reconnect. Forgive me From arthurpeters.theworldrace.org From arthurpeters.theworldrace.org

Now that we are friends againFrom arthurpeters.theworldrace.org, I’m happy to share that I will be joining a small team on a short 5 day trip, going to Cuba…in 2 weeks (May 19). Even better, for the first time ever, I will be going with my SISTER!! A first for her, she is very stoked, I’m stoked, it’s going to be incredible.

We are Cuba bound, and we would love to have you partner with us. We need your prayer, your encouragement, and yes, your monies as well($, N, £, and every other currency. We are an equal opportunity blessee). With all trip related costs, including flights, we need approx. $1300 each, or $2600 for both.

To show you how easy it is to partner with and help put this cost to rest, I have broken it down to multiple gift brackets for 1 person.

# of People     Gift Amount

5                $100

10                $50

10                $20

10                $10

This is to say any gift amount is appreciated and quickly helps to reach the goal. You can give your financial gifts by using the “Support Me” link or sending it directly to me using Google Wallet or Paypal at kempee23@gmail.com.

I appreciate y’all very much, and thank you for letting me be your representative on this trip. I am stoked about how God will use me and what He will teach me through it! I pray I will not only be a blessing to those I go to serve, but to you as well.

Hook ’em. \m/

*Photo Cred: Colby Gardner


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